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About Us

About the Site was born of a pretty simple idea. We had always used eBay and knew that there were some great bargains on the site ... if only we could find them.

There are a thousand ways to define 'bargain', but the one we decided upon was Under a Dollar, Under an Hour. We started searching for these typs of auctions, selfishly intending to use the results ourselves. However, when we realized there were constantly thousands of auctions that met our 'bargain' criteria, we thought we should probably make our lists available to the world.

Our moms always told us that we should do something to help mankind before we die. Although this was probably not what they had in mind, we think it counts.

About the Creators

Mike Powell, 31, is an independent Software Engineer specializing in PHP and SQL. A Cancer, he enjoys sunset walks along the beach and pillow fights.

Juergen Horn, 32, is a German who lived many years in Boston before returning to Europe in 2001, where he occupies himself with projects in both the on- and the off-line worlds. He is a reclusive, eccentric figure and also quite tall.